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I often wonder why do I do this kind of art? Why don't I paint in a classic way, with tempera and brushes on a canvas, with the right perspective, with the right combination of colors, the right light, the right inclination?

I often try to give myself -more or less- valid answers, but at the end of my thoughts I always arrive at the same conclusion ...

I spent a life trapped by rules, times to watch, numbers to square, laws to be respected, deadlines to honor, precedents to be given and all done with maximum effort, with all the energy I am capable of ... .. but in the art NO.

I don't want to be academic, I don't want to follow a style or a trend, I don't want to be trapped in the rules of art anymore!

In art I want to be UNCONVENTIONAL, free to go outside the box, free to get out of the canvas, free to dare, free to use different materials, free to describe the world as I see it and how I feel it.

Maybe I will not answer the doubts of most, I will not satisfy everyone, I will not like everyone, I will not be understood by everyone, but one thing is for sure ... I will finally be free!

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