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My name is Roberta Bissoli, I have always developed a passion for contemporary art, with a particular propensity for material art, I attended the artistic circles of Milan where I seek constant comparison.

In my artworks, a course of research and study of materials is immediately denoted; the "matter" is in the foreground and is the real protagonist.

Painting and color are at the service of the matter, it is the matter itself that shapes, that colors and that gives "thickness" to the artwork, giving three-dimensionality to the canvas; involving the senses: sight, touch, smell but above all "exciting" the observer.

Observing these artworks it is possible to understand how matter gives form to an abstract and intangible world: the world of the soul, of the dream, of sound, of memory.

My purpose is to give matter to the intangible; to give body to what does not have a  body; to reveak something that cannot be seen with the eyes but only through the soul.

Thanks to the immediate esteem received, I began to realize that my art needs to be made public and shared, it is from here that my "artistic fairy tale" begins.

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