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M.I.I.T. Museo Internazionale Italia Torino

Critical note

Ancora 1

Il Salottino Salò del Garda (BS)

Serena Uberti - Artistic Director

For Roberta Bissoli, giving substance to the abstract is the primary meaning of being an artist. Colors, canvas, textures, textures, authentic $ 1 bills combine to create a material base for messages that are to be sought in a different light. Radiated with ultraviolet light, the canvases reveal words and phrases that tell the artist's point of view: some are universal messages, others address a specific mood, still others provoke with irony. Roberta's works are as determined as she is, the very "hiding" of the messages is part of an evident artistic process. Paradoxes, different levels of reading are part of the whole reality that surrounds us, a constant complexity, which is enough to want to read to appreciate without fear. To underline the importance of willpower in the quest to overcome appearances, it is necessary to take time to explore the works of Roberta Bissoli. You have to decide to take a break from the daily rush, "arm yourself" with a flashlight and scroll through the works with curiosity and tranquility to be able to read the messages.

The art of lingering and looking beyond.

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