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M.I.I.T. Museo Internazionale Italia Torino

Critical note

M.I.I.T. International Museum Italy Turin
Guido Folco - Director of MIIT Museum - President of Folco Gallery

The name "MOTHER" written in all the languages of the world and as a background bnaconote gilded to indicate the preciousness of this figure in the life of each one of us, of his advice, of his love.
Banknotes drawn, as the artist explains, so that the message can travel the roads of the world, without limits, just like the passion for art and for life.
The assembly of objects and material is, for roberta Bissoli, the founding element of a POP and everyday art, full of immediate suggestions that involve the observer and introduce him into a psciological and conceptual narration. In addition, color, often used as a definition of a three-dimensional pictorial space, becomes a tool for a powerful and vibrant interaction of emotion.

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