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Artetra - Full Art Immersion

Critical note

Veronica Nicoli - President of the Artetra Association
Rosita Taurone - Curator and Critic of Art

"Intellectual capital is the dominant force, the most coveted element of the new era. In the New economy are ideas, concepts. The images - not the things - the fundamental components of value "Jeremy Rifkin
How to look for value inside and outside the world?
In Roberta Bissoli, the search for the real, or illusionistically real, aspect of things, on everyday objects, which she uses to show that there is a vibration in our street that should be listened to so as not to get lost in them. Aspects that the artist unhinges consciously and provocatively.
Through his images it is possible to collect the ephemeral visions of the world in which we live, drawing out our most sensitive subjects subject to the constant conflicts that ignite like a fuse. Offering himself a bit like a mirror, to reflect incorporeal concepts, his work designates a spectatorial presence. To give body to the abstract, to the immaterial capital of humanity, is for the artist a daunting task with which but to confront. The problems that affect today's society emerge in a preponderant way.
The essentiality is one of the elements that distinguishes his entire artistic production. A material and at the same time pure, sensitive painting, as only an image could be. In Roberta Bissoli's creations we can perceive the feeling of touch, also suggested by the presence of the repetitive module, which emphasizes the rhythmic rhythm of the different elements that compose them, reflecting the modularity with which we organize our lives trapped in forms contracted to place of fluid forms. Very interesting is also its multi-sensorial value, able to question the elements of form, color and sound with unexpected symbolic similarities. The pictorial surface becomes a labyrinth that can be experienced visually: the look hits and shatters against its reliefs. The delicate grooves to go through, become inlets of the mind with which thought chimes.
Applying a modular form, Bissoli makes sure that the sculpted textures are dense sensory lattices in which they can project themselves allowing the user to settle in the reverberating motion of sweet poems. Bissoli's art is the irruption of form; it is the metaphor of the world that gets out of hand. Bissoli's work questions the material representation of the invisible, allowing itself to become aware of the environment in which we live. It is the body of what we have all absorbed, when the distinction between inside and outside is no longer possible. The cultural configuration that welcomes it then becomes a visible and tangible part of the work itself. The conditions of the perception of the spatial dimension of the materiality of the work become random and unexpected.

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