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Enciclopedia d'Arte Italiana

Critical note

Italian Art Encyclopedia Ed.7
Alberto Moioli - Editorial director, critic and curator

"The heart has reasons that reason does not know", said contemporary French philosopher and theologian Blaise Pascal, words that in many cases confirm the supremacy of the world of emotions over that of the "ratio". Roberta Bissoli is the classic example of an artist whose stylistic collocation is beyond any banal classification, it cannot be defined in the pictorial and even in the sculptural sphere, the creative flair belongs to an instinct that arises from within itself to explode and materially "materialize" in every work of art.


Overwhelmed by the almost uncontrollable passion for artistic expression, he uses his strengths constantly in search of a new linguistic declination through which to show the evolution and the transfiguration of his own thoughts, emotions and reflections. Each work is therefore the result of a chromatic analysis from which, in the true sense of the word, spaces and architectural materials emerge, giving a third harmonic dimension to the compositional idea.

The linguistic research to which I alluded was related to the ability to investigate and experiment with matter through expressive compositions in which attention to detail is an authentic added value. Roberta Bissoli thus succeeded in imposing her own artistic expression through brilliant intuitions that allowed her to differentiate herself and emerge. Not only "Ephemeral World", a work that represents the planisphere through the use of real dollars, but also works like "Lovely Words" or "Empty Words" that let explode an extraordinary poetic lyric in which the suggested silence can bring us back to the fascinating Far East atmospheres.

Roberta Bissoli succeeds in expressing her own depth and sensitivity with works in which empathy with the viewer appears obvious and extremely simple. The careful observation of each work is therefore a journey within a new world in which matter takes shape rising from the canvas in a harmonic order, thus creating new visions, new landscapes of the soul.

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