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Artetra - Viva Arte Venezia

Critical note

ARTETRA - Viva Arte Venice 2017
Veronica Nicoli - President of the Artetra Cultural Association

Roberta Bissoli, painter artist works in the dimension of tactile painting.
It is the gaze that shakes and shows itself to be the guardian of secret phenomena. There are always external elements that match your degree of attention. Roberta Bissoli's work catches the eye by surprise and invites us to meditate on unexplored sensitive points of our self; it is not the material of the painting that makes the body but its own sensitive body which is the material of the work. In a game of rebounds we explore the surrounding world and our own center.
In this sense we can therefore say that "ce sont les regardeurs qui font le tableu" just as Duchamp has often instilled in the importance of the role of the spectator in the creative process.
His research reconciles the art of seeing with that of doing, since a certain degree of participation on the part of the viewer is required.
Getting closer to the work, feeling that you can touch it, moving it around with your own eyes is what allows us to give dimension to an intangible and abstract world. In a privileged bond with the materials and their texture, the sensations acquire body giving a tactile vision.
His is a painting that is made with the eyes: defining his paintings works would be reductive precisely because I want to "get out" from the picture, from the static context of the frame. A painting that comes to life, moved by the sensitive strings of the beholder and makes itself co-creator of the work itself. Roberta Bissoli offers a new way of exploring painting through a tension between the inside and the outside capable of transforming the surrounding space as well.
The element of the motif repeated in relief, inside the work, gives the viewer a new repertoire of perceptive experiences. The visual aspect, which appears to be absolutely immediate, breaks down through the tactile sensation that the work evokes. The movements of one's body pursue the material mixture, reinforcing the handcrafted and manual aspect of the work.

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